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Welcome. At Foaling Solutions we offer a unique, spa-like foaling service. The discerning mare owner will rest easy knowing their beloved mare and precious new foal are in our caring, experienced hands and under our watchful eyes.

We have devoted our lives to foaling mares. It is our craft, our calling, our passion. As foaling professionals, mares literally give us everything - the roof over our heads, the food on our table - and in return we owe them respect, kindness, and the minimization of discomfort and fear.

Successful foaling requires a convergence of art and science, and this is reflected in our practices and philosophies. We believe in taking a natural yet proactive, harm-minimizing, mare-centered approach that is supported by science-based treatments and techniques.

Let us take on the stress for you this foaling season and give your mare the spa-like birthing experience she deserves, where her wellbeing is truly a priority.

Our commitment to you and your mare:

  • Professional, 24/7 monitoring begins no later than day 310 of gestation

  • Attendants are present for rupture of the chorioallantois, ensuring timely recognition of any problems

  • Caslicks properly opened by a veterinarian using an analgesic and local anesthetic

  • Open, honest communication because they are YOUR horses and you deserve to know the truth


It is truly an honor to welcome new life into the world and be entrusted with the lives of your horses.

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